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Hello everyone!  I got to see a few of you over this past weekend, which was a really great surprise … kind of like Christmas morning as a child!

Speaking of Christmas, that’s coming up here fairly soon (also Thanksgiving), and I was thinking that you may be getting really concerned, maybe even nervous about what you are going to do on Sunday mornings while you’re home.

Well, have no fear.  We here at Peachtree U have got you covered (with the slight exception of Nov. 22, for those of you who will be around for the Sunday before Thanksgiving).  On that morning, we’ll still do a brief Coffee Hour before the 1105 service in the Lodge Cafe from 10:40 – 11.

As for 11/29 and 12/13 – 1/3, check out the trips and events page for full details.  Can’t wait to see all of you.  Hope you’re finishing out the semester (or quarter) well!


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Well, it was my first ever attempt at cooking pancakes … I’d say that mediocre was the goal and, not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty sure that goal was reached!  It was great to have so many of you, and my hope is that it was a sweet time for ya’ll to reconnect with one another after a few months away.

Church is doing life together in community.  Eating, worshipping, serving, partying, etc. and we are a part of that.  Yesterday we ate together, many of us worshipped together, and coming up in the next few months we’ve got the opportunities to party together and to serve together.

On Thursday, Dec. 18, right after the Vespers Worship service, we’re gonna head across the street to the new diggs for our “Rat Pack” Peachtree U Christmas Party.  There is a facebook event that I’ll use to figure out numbers, so let me know if you’re planning on coming.  We’ll have eggnog and other festive beverages, as well as some trivia, so be brushed up on your knowledge of the Rat Pack … and Christmas.

Now, onto the serving together part; we still need people to sign up for our Spring Break Mission Trip to Honduras.  I have talked to a bunch of “maybes” and would love to see those maybes turn into sign-ups.  Remember that the deadline to sign up is Dec. 13 and that the dates for the trip are Mar. 14-21.

Finally, I wanted to wish everyone good luck on their finals.  Get good sleep, eat well, study hard, but don’t let the next few weeks consume you.  Life is more than your GPA … GPA is important … but other things are important too!  Worship God with your whole life, and call me when you get back in town!



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